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ergomedica has developed a self contained changing mat MedMat with the collaboration of Mr Graeme Moir, who is the head of the plastics department at the Royal London and Barts Hospital Trust and has many years experience in wound care both within the NHS and the private sector.

MedMat protects both patient and clinician and provides a clean environment in which to carry out any procedure that requires a sterile field. It provides a barrier to cross contamination at present not available in the healthcare market.

Trials are being run in the UK at various NHS hospitals, Burns units and Private clinics and MedMat is receiving excellent feedback.


MedMat is made from the same material as surgical drapes and similarly is singe-use. It is not intended to be used in the operating theatre; it is however designed to bring the same standard of aseptic technique used in the theatre to every day wound dressing, catheter changing and the like.

MedMat is designed to provide superior protection with a number of simple innovations that reduce the chances of contamination and cross-infection. These include an attached sealable waste bag for the disposal of used wipes, bandages, fluids, etc, and the combination of two distinct layers of material. In a wound dressing change these would be used to separate the dirty and clean parts of the procedure, with the first layer being used for the removal of the old dressing and cleaning the wound and the second for dressing the clean wound.

Mr Moir has overseen wound care clinics for many years and has always felt that the procedures used in these areas are somewhat lacking in aseptic practice. His co-operation with ergomedica has resulted in a product that not only provides an excellent barrier to cross contamination but also leads the procedure.

In the UK we have one of the worst, if not the worst record of MRSA infections in Europe. It was with this problem in mind and the costs involved with the treatment of the problem that inspired the development of MedMat.

The criteria we set ourselves were;

•To provide a barrier to infection and cross contamination

•To encourage best aseptic practise

•To contain all of the waste generated by a procedure within   MedMat

•To protect patients from the environment and to protect the   environment

•To minimise the need for movement away from the procedure

We believe from our experience in the industry and from interactions with colleagues and clinicians that the potential areas of use for MedMat are extremely broad stretching throughout primary and secondary care, parts of the NHS as well as the medical branch of the armed forces, private nursing homes etc.