ergomedica has developed a self contained changing mat MedMat with the collaboration of Mr Graeme Moir, who is the head of the plastics department at the Royal London and Barts Hospital Trust and has many years experience in wound care both within the NHS and the private sector.

MedMat protects both patient and clinician and provides a clean environment in which to carry out any procedure that requires a sterile field.

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Our Mission

Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between people and their working environment. In medicine there is a third party, the patient.

Treating patients involves complex procedures and systems. The process of care is an interaction of training, equipment, and human behaviour. As technology and techniques change over time, there is a need for ongoing redesign of the workspace and equipment.

ergomedica seeks to involve health professionals at the sharp end of patient care as well as patients in the process of product design. The company ethos is to improve efficiency and quality of care for the benefit of patients.

MedMat Doctors

Research, development and education will be core activities. Constantly challenging received wisdom and practice will be central to a philosophy of using ergonomics to improve patient care.